God will burn like all the rest -
Hotter and longer than any star,
Living or dead,
But dimly,
There is no light within.


A haiku about summer:

It’s so fucking hot

Why the fuck do bugs exist

My sweat is sweating

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Tiny cricket
Down through the cracks
We killed your brother
Do you want him back?


Oh, don’t smile
With your eyes too thin.
I’ll break your teeth
Before you can get me
To think you beautiful.
I only long for
Ugliness and anger,
Grinning princesses.

thesleepiestboy said: Two of those are shared. You seem like a very interesting person and I'd love to get to know you better

By all means, have at it!
Always my pleasure to meet someone new.

thesleepiestboy said: Tell me a little about yourself, friend.

I am 18, I have three rats, my eyes are green, I wear rings on my toes, and I hate seafood.

thesleepiestboy said: Did you change your URL?

No sir.

thesleepiestboy said: I like these a lot.

Thank you kindly.
You once told me to never stop writing, so I haven’t.


Scrape my hands of
Dip them into
Blue eggshell
To paint your brow
Free of worry.